• Text: NoBrain (translated by Carola Felchner) From Wienerwald circuits to the Salzkammergut Trophy A-podium. Bikeboard's most diligent kilometre eater and KTM's lightest race full-suspension mountain bike, specced with Sram's Transmission group, had a scorching summer.30.10.23 11:14 5.626

    NoBrain (translated by Carola Felchner)From Wienerwald circuits to the Salzkammergut Trophy A-podium. Bikeboard's most diligent kilometre eater and KTM's lightest race full-suspension mountain bike, specced with Sram's Transmission group, had a scorching summer.30.10.23 11:14 5.626
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    Ever since the introduction of their WME, Conway has been on the rise: the bike featured smart concepts, pleasing shapes and impeccable technology. ...
    22.10.21 10:57
    Luke Biketalker (translated by Carola Felchner)
    A lightweight, fast and precise ride that still offers sufficient capacities for rough trails? Merida's Ninety-Six 8000 is a flagship down-country ...
    13.09.21 05:24
    Luke Biketalker (translated by Carola Felchner)
    Buy upgrades - don't ride up grades! We turned our long-term test bike Merida Big.Trail 600 into a mullet. Does it run even smoother now?
    06.09.21 12:22
    gabriwa (translated by Carola Felchner)
    The sweetest thing since the invention of studded tyres: a fun aluminum frame, a decent suspension fork, solid wheels and that's it.
    08.03.21 04:22
    Gabriel Waringer (translated by Carola Felchner)
    Paths, climbs, solitude - flow, stumbling and carrying passages: The Vinschgau smugglers' old routes are legally worth a border crossing on the ...
    03.09.20 05:48
    Luke Biketalker (Translated by: Carola Felchner)
    One specced with 27.5" wheels, the other with 29" WME 627 and WME 729 are basically the same kind of Enduro bike. In this double test we try ...
    31.08.20 05:30
    Ralf Hauser (Translated by: Carola Felchner)
    Wide tires, rigid fork, disc brakes and bright colors: Merida's new Matts J+ mountain bikes for children are a real blast. Plus: Buyer's guide ...
    07.07.20 11:47
    NoPain/Luke Biketalker (Translated by: Carola Felchner)
    A race fully with entertaining downhill capabilities included? The Scarp MT and its 120 mm of travel up front with 115 mm in the rear can gap ...
    19.12.19 08:57
    Luke Biketalker (translated by Carola Felchner)
    In Voralberg, they do know how to build fast XC-race bikes. Off to the start line with the new Simplon Razorblade.
    29.04.19 21:42
    Luke Biketalker
    Built for adventures, the Prowler is embarking on its first ride.
    25.09.18 17:29
    Ralf Hauser
    Lightweight, fast, stiff - is KTM's bullet of a bike, the Scarp Sonic 12, able to impress a hobby biker, who's far from showing any signs of ...
    24.05.18 20:29
    Tom Leitner-Weiss
    Biking in all its facets around the Grossglockner and its companions - the mountain bike possibilities surrounding the East Tyrolese capital ...
    01.03.18 09:53
    Luke Biketalker
    Understatement is not part of of the bright orange KTM Myroon's vocabulary, featuring a golden Eagle drivetrain and bold carbon fiber RS-1 suspension ...
    06.09.17 09:45
    Lukas Salzer
    Smartly equipped trail bike with incline-swallowing electrified add-on. KTM's Macina Lycan 271 with Bosch Performance CX motor is being put through ...
    12.05.17 09:59
    Erwin Haiden
    In the past few years, power2max has become one of the most successful manufacturers of bicycle power meters on the international market. A factory ...
    20.11.16 10:49
    Reini Hörmann (Factory), NoPain (NG)
    In 2016, the Upper Austrians have almost completely redesigned their fully line-up. A bold plan that was perfectly executed and made evident ...
    09.07.16 07:49
    An Austrian traditional company in an optimistic mood. A factory visit to Simplon one year after the entry of new partners, strategists and bosses.
    05.06.16 19:11
    Reini Hörmann
    Slap them shoes on and go get radical: a long-term test of Sidi's mid-range Dragon 4 SRS Carbon Composite Vernice MTB shoes.
    11.04.16 06:15
    Joshua Hayes
    Could Africa be your next mountain bike vacation?
    18.11.15 15:23
    Dain Zaffke
    The valley of superlatives is one attraction richer. Since Sölden was declared the Bike Republic, ideal conditions for trail bikers have prevailed ...
    27.10.15 09:00
    Listen, they are playing our song! It's being played loud... The Rhaetian triangle between Austria, Italy and Switzerland, with its many cyclists ...
    26.10.15 20:48
    Rising temperatures and thunderstorms: our best-of from the race of races in Bad Goisern. Winners Milena Cesnakova and Andi Seewald were both ...
    29.07.15 10:31
    Lisi Hager
    Review of Oakley's newest addition to their patented Switchlock Technology sunglasses. With easy to change lenses and temples that adjust to ...
    15.07.15 20:02
    Dear bicycle enthusiasts! We would like to take you on a journey through time, back to the beginnings of mountain biking in Europe... and to ...
    30.04.15 13:21
    The Piko 4 is an industrial statement: a shot-peened, milled, perfectionist minimalistic dream made out of anodized aluminum. With the Rotlicht, ...
    19.03.15 10:40
    Erwin Haiden
    Adidas' successful Evil Eye series began in the year 2000. Now the saga continues - with full rim shades for use on rough off-road tracks.
    09.03.15 07:31
    11th edition of Sudety MTB Challenge goes back to it's roots.
    23.02.15 16:00
    mtbchallenge.com (proofread by Josh Hayes)
    "Designed in the Austrian Alps" is displayed on the head tube of Nakita's Engine C, catching the local rider's attention. We investigated what ...
    28.01.15 21:18
    Ralf Hauser (translated by NoNene, proofread by Josh Hayes)
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