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Italian style: a long-term test of SIDI's high-end cycling shoes.
15.05.15 11:52
Joshua Hayes
Dear bicycle enthusiasts! We would like to take you on a journey through time, back to the beginnings of mountain biking in Europe... and to ...
30.04.15 13:21
An interview with Christoph Strasser, from the Austrian province of Styria, who set a new world record on March 21st 2015 by covering 896.173 ...
16.04.15 07:53
NoPain, Power2Max (proofread by Josh Hayes)
The German bike giant relies not only on state-of-the-art dispatch logistics, but also on the following three pillars: Individuality, Price/Performance ...
10.04.15 05:00
Until about 30 years ago, steel used to be the standard material for bicycles. As time went by, steel was replaced by aluminum and carbon. Now ...
28.03.15 21:55
Dirk Belling, NoPain
The Piko 4 is an industrial statement: a shot-peened, milled, perfectionist minimalistic dream made out of anodized aluminum. With the Rotlicht, ...
19.03.15 10:40
Erwin Haiden
Adidas' successful Evil Eye series began in the year 2000. Now the saga continues - with full rim shades for use on rough off-road tracks.
09.03.15 07:31
The Future is now: long-term test of the gran fondo road bike with Shimano's RS785 hydraulic disc brakes, Enve Smart 3.4 disc wheels and the ...
03.03.15 20:47
Belgian Style and colours face Austrian testing and races. A combination which in the end, even led to a regional championship in Cyclocross. ...
26.02.15 21:22
Stefan Herr, Luke Biketalker, NoMan (translated by NoNene, proofread by Josh Hayes)
11th edition of Sudety MTB Challenge goes back to it's roots.
23.02.15 16:00
mtbchallenge.com (proofread by Josh Hayes)
Photo Series: Custom built Scott Plasma 5 in words and pictures. With integrated direct-mount brakes, Profile TT aerobar, Shimano Dura-Ace Di2, ...
15.02.15 20:00
NoPain (proofread by Josh Hayes)
"Designed in the Austrian Alps" is displayed on the head tube of Nakita's Engine C, catching the local rider's attention. We investigated what ...
28.01.15 21:18
Ralf Hauser (translated by NoNene, proofread by Josh Hayes)
Every watt counts: are ceramic bearings a worthwhile tuning method for frequent riders and weight weenies, or is this just wishful thinking? ...
16.01.15 15:55
In-depth review: long-term test of the 2015 time trial bike of the Lampre-Merida UCI World Tour team: on the road and in the Bikeboard.at workshop. ...
01.12.14 09:31
This modern bike trainer from the USA allows for professional indoor training complete with power measurement and can be controlled via cell ...
01.12.14 09:00
Posing special: an autumn tour through Lower Austria's Northeast with a made to measure, custom painted Pasculli, Fizik Volta, Fizik components ...
01.12.14 07:29
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